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Netrek: Outpost Logo
Netrek: Outpost

Last updated: 13/11/97


Written by Sulman Syed

-> Welcome to the Netrek Outpost. This site is my contribution to the Netrek world: a compilation of all the Netrek resources I've been able to gather.

-> What is Netrek? You may oblige yourself by checking out the Frequently Asked Questions page, but here's something I found in Netrek that I've never seen anywhere else: your could play with your best friend one day making beautiful kill handoffs, and the next time, join the opposing team and beat the s@#t out of him. It wouldn't matter. Proclaiming a Netrek revelation: unprediguced mass killing. Where else can you do that?

Current News:

-> Updated the 800 x 600 .xtrekrc so it is compatible with COW 2.02 users. Check it out if you play Netrek in 800 by 600 dot per inch resolution.

-> Due to popular demand, you may now download the SWINE a.k.a. Cow-lite client.

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