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Draft League Sign Up

-> Below is a form which you can use to signup for the Netrek draft league. But first, some more information on the idea:

The purpose of the draft league would be to get some good games played, and hopefully exposing newer players to the clue game environment. A draft system should help even out the teams.

The format would have to depend on how many players are interested. What I have in mind is a round robin tournament with games played every Tuesday night, possibly at two sites where each team plays every other team at either server, i.e.:

Site A
Team A vs Team B
Team A vs Team C
Team A vs Team D
Team B vs Team C
Team B vs Team D
Team C vs Team D
Site B
Team C vs Team D
Team B vs Team D
Team B vs Team C
Team A vs Team D
Team A vs Team C
Team A vs Team B

To simplify matters, all games would be held on Tuesday nights at 9:00 EST, 8:00 CST or 6:00 PST and last 90 minutes with a maximum of another 30 minutes if it goes into extra innings.

Tentatively, the season would start July 8 and run until August 12.

New players are encouraged to apply!

(Real Life) Name:

Netrek handle:

E-mail address:

Number of years playing Netrek:

I expect to attend (0 - all) Tuesday night games:

Former INL experience? (list teams):

Former PNL/IHNL/ENL?DL experience? (list teams):

Frequency you play Netrek and on which servers:

Please describe and rate yourself in Netrek terms (i.e. good forward battle ship space controller, poor scout bomber):

Press the submit button only once. You might not be taken to a 'message sent' screen.

Not working? Mail Vincent Louie with the same information.

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