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-> This page features an accumulated wealth of knowledge for the aspiring Netrek smacker.

-> Puzzled by some of the terms in these pages? Check out the Netrek glossary archive for the decoder key.

Netrek Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The answers to many questions about Netrek are available here. It's a good idea to look at the FAQ before posting to Usenet: group.

JCH's Netrek Information Archive
A collection of hints and help files covering just about every aspect of Netrek. A great starting point for beginners.

Netrek Clue Archive
Terry Chay's and Vincent Louie's resourceful replacement to the JCH archives (see below). Find out how to improve your Netrek play, no matter what your skill or clue level.

Get a Clue! Archive
Netrek in Netherland's Get a Clue! Archive.

Netrek FTP List
This is the official list of available Netrek FTP resources. Check this list for locations of blessed binaries, latest versions of the Netrek FAQ, and other related files. The following FTP sites also contain particularly useful information and are listed for convenience:
There is a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to the topic of Netrek. Please read the Netrek FAQ and FOCS (see below) before posting articles.

Netrek History
Some documents mostly written by Andy McFadden on the evolution of Netrek.

Netrek Game Design
Document describing the major Netrek design changes over the years.

Netrek Frequently Offered Clever Suggestions (FOCS)
The same ideas get proposed over and over by people trying to enhance Netrek, and the same discussions come up again and again. The FOCS is an attempt to stem the flow by presenting old discussions and arguments against the ideas.

Netrek Server List
Official list of available Netrek Server types and the location of Server source code.

-> Listed as found on the Netrek Game Continuum.

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